Atelier citoyen – Défi alimentaire (in English)

Thursday, Oct. 21st, 10am to 12pm 


How can we healthfully feed increasingly more humans without depleting the Earth’s resources, in a context of climate change?

By 2050 our planet will have to ensure food security for 10 billion human beings, contribute to reducing our CO2 emissions, and allow for the maintenance of a sufficient level of biodiversity – all this at the same time.

It is crucial to build a new food system in Québec, one that will make it possible both to feed the population in a healthful way and to restore ecosystems. This system must be composed of means of production, distribution and consumption accessible to all while being adapted to climate change.

Montréal Space for Life and Université de Montréal extend a warm invitation to citizens interested in voicing their opinions on certain priorities regarding Québec’s food system, as identified by experts from multiple disciplines.

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160, chemin du Tour-de-L’Isle
Ile Sainte-Hélène
Montréal, Québec
H3C 4G8


On the menu:

  • What are the critical stages for Québec’s food transition?
  • What individual actions from those identified are you ready to take?
  • What collective levers could help you become involved in this transition?
  • What factors could limit your activity?

Topics covered will include: biodiversity; modes of agrifood production; the wellbeing of animals, human beings and ecosystems; eating habits; urban and local agriculture.

Discover more about our food challenge (in French).

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